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     By blending hues with psychedelic Rhythm & Blues, The Roof possesses a tonal duality that combines the Classic Rock era with soundscapes that reflect the sign of the times. After meeting in 2015 at Penn State University, and honing their skill through DIY tours, dive bars, and makeshift mountain stages, the group has gained a dedicated following throughout Pennsylvania, and were able to open for notable acts such as Snail Mail, The Brook & The Bluff, Sam Burchfield, Cabinet, Moon Hooch, Rookie, The Clarks, and more. In 2018 they recorded their first EP Tangled Lives in their college apartment, and have since released a live EP Live at 3 Dots, Along with singles “Highway,” “We Sure Did,” and “Blending Of The Hues,” which were also all self-produced and engineered. They are currently working with producer Rich Stine on their first L.P.(First single "Shangri-La" released 9/2/22), who has worked with acts such as The Head And The Heart, Joshua James, and The Bones Of J.R. Jones. 



  • Monthly Spotify listeners: 1350​

  • Spotify followers: 750

  • All-time Spotify streams: 137k +

  • Instagram Followers: 2700

  • Facebook followers: 1700

  • Tik Tok likes: 4500



Pennsylvania Musician Magazine March Cover Story: "We Sure Did...But We Ain't Done Yet"

Shoutout LA: "Meet The Roof | American band Blending Hues with Psychedelic Rhythm & Blues."

The Roof - Thunderbird Café & Music Hall, Pittsburgh, PA July 23, 2022 (Full Set 4K)
Omaha - The Roof | LAMP Live Sessions | 4K
The Roof - Shangri La
The Roof Live at The State Theatre


MGMT: Skyler Scholl 724-557-3139

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